Photoshow EDIZIONE 2015  MILANO  23 - 25 OTTOBRE

23 - 25 OTTOBRE


Past and present meet in the world of Imaging and clearly show a desire for continuous change and transformation: digital technologies, mobile devices, connectivity, cloud services and a lot more.

Innovation, Creativity, Sharing are words that characterize the new world of Imaging and therefore are at the base of the elaboration of the new edition of PHOTOSHOW.

PHOTOSHOW, the most important event in Italy dedicated to the world of the Photo & Digital Imaging, is promoted by AIF - Photo & Digital Imaging Italian Association and will be held Milan in 2015.

A project with an innovative identity, with the will to redesign the format of the event and with the desire to be the showcase of Imaging in every possible expression.

PHOTOSHOW - Milano 2015 is an original event for type and spaces and for a greater involvement of public, trade and the whole city, also thinking about EXPO 2015 and considering the big visibility focused on Milan and its proposals.


3 days
6.400 expositors
65.000 Visitors

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